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Human Resources

Effective employment contracts are essential to maintaining a motivated workforce. They also ensure you are protected in the event of a dispute.

Labour Relations

Establishing cordial relations with employee representative bodies is essential when considering the latest reforms of French labour law, which tend to be more negotiated than imposed from above.


In order to improve performance, companies are sometimes obliged to change their organisation and must be able to mitigate any resulting social consequences.


Negotiation for the recruitment of staff, or with an employee being terminated, or with employee representative bodies, requires specialist legal knowledge. Third-party expertise is often required.

Social Security

Social security provisions can be complex. Under-prepared employers can often find themselves subject to onerous financial obligations they were unaware of. This can lead to more serious consequences if not addressed.

Remuneration & Saving Schemes

Effective employee remuneration schemes are an important way to reward deserving employees. Savings schemes and profit-sharing opportunities are an integral part of showing your appreciation.


A strong compliance policy in areas such as data protection and anti-corruption is essential to navigate increasingly strict supranational regulations such as the GDPR.

Health & Safety

A comprehensive health and safety policy is a standard requirement for all employers, irrespective of the company’s size or its business sector.

International Development

Operating across borders adds a significant level of complexity to many businesses. Labour laws can differ widely between jurisdictions and must be understood in every place of operations.


A real business partner, Galion Avocats plays a genuine advisory and support role throughout the handling of cases.

Technical reliability, advice and responsiveness perfectly describe the team of lawyers’ input; they are always able to address an issue in a case or answer a specific question within a short period, even adapting to the urgent nature of the request while maintaining the level of detail, explanation and exchange required for informed decision making.

Adeline Buisson

HR Director, Groupama Asset Management

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