We are convinced that labour law can be a driver of growth for companies; thus we provide our clients with innovative, pragmatic and operational solutions in all areas of employment and social protection law. For example:

Sexual Harassment and Gender-based Behavior Referent

There is now a legal obligation for all legal entities with more than 250 employees to appoint a referent to fight against sexism and sexual harassment. We offer to be such referent in order to guide, inform and accompany your employees in the fight against sexual harassment and gender-based behaviour.

Whistle-blowing – Internal investigations

There is now a legal obligation for legal entities governed by private or public law, with more than 50 employees, to set up a whistle-blowing collection system available to their staff and collaborators. We offer to make sure you conform with that and to ensure the operational implementation of such a system. As trusted third party, we can also carry out your internal investigations in accordance with our ethical and professional rules.

Professional Elections

Because we know how difficult it is in practice to hold professional elections within a company, we offer full operational and modern legal assistance. We provide you with a simple and efficient technical platform, associated with an electronic vote system, thereby saving time and ensuring effective risk management.

Representative of a Foreign Company in France

Because we know it can sometimes be difficult for a foreign company to communicate with the French administration, we offer to facilitate your relationships with these services. As an example, we can ensure communication with the immigration services and/or ensure representation of the foreign company in the case of European employees’ temporary posting in France.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

With more than 40 years’ combined experience in labour law litigation, we know that the outcome of litigation is not always the best suited solution to a conflict situation. We thus promote and use alternative dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration, participatory proceeding, collaborative proceeding) and we can assist you with this.

Both Stéphanie Carrière and Lionel Paraire are trained in collaborative law.

Lionel Paraire is also a member of the Groupement des Médiateurs Indépendants (GMI), an independent mediators’ association comprising 15 mediators with varied professional backgrounds. He often acts as a mediator in out-of-court or court-based mediations.


The Galion law firm has been assisting us for several years on all issues relating to labour law. We particularly appreciate their responsiveness in addressing our requests.

Laurent Olive

General Manager, Keune Haircosmetics France

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