Human Resources

Effective employment contracts are essential to maintaining a motivated workforce. They also ensure you are protected in the event of a dispute.

Employment contract: Drafting contracts, including specific provisions such as variable remuneration, non-compete clauses, reimbursement of training costs, intellectual property, teleworking or personal data.

Contract termination: Assistance with decision-making and drawing-up documents, negotiating mutually agreed termination and settlement agreements, evaluating severance payments and assessing litigation risk.

Executive status: Analysis and drawing up of corporate mandates and employment contracts, drafting of powers of attorney and setting up of executive compensation.

Litigation: Assistance and representation of clients before civil and administrative courts for any employment-related litigation.



I have been working with Lionel and his team for more than a decade. He is our preferred French legal counsel due to his efficiency, pragmatic and strategic approach. You can always count on Galion and you will receive a very quick turnaround in answering all of your legal French questions.

Inez R.C. Vermeulen

Founder & Managing Consultant, Europe-HR-Solutions

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