Labour Relations

Establishing cordial relations with employee representative bodies is essential when considering the latest reforms of French labour law, which tend to be more negotiated than imposed from above.

Optimising collective statutes: Adjusting provisions of collective bargaining agreements by way of a company-level agreement, particularly matters of working hours and pay. This also includes drawing up collective statutes tailored to the company and its business.

Social and Economic Committee (CSE) / company council: Impact studies on set-up, involving the health and safety commission and local representatives. We also assist in carrying out ad-hoc and compulsory annual consultations.

Working time: Drafting in-house agreement after having identified business-specific needs (such as “forfait-jours”, seasonal activities, night work, part-time work or itinerant staff).


The Galion firm is composed of skilled, reliable, diligent and friendly employment lawyers. The members of the team are a pleasure to work with.

Thierry Lévy-Mannheim

Partner Attorney, Didier & Levy

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