In order to improve performance, companies are sometimes obliged to change their organisation and must be able to mitigate any resulting social consequences.

Social impact studies: Harmonisation of collective statutes, employee salaries, working hours, staff representative bodies, employee savings schemes and benefit schemes.

Individual and collective redundancies: Identifying the economic rationale and procedural calendar, while drawing up documents, consulting with representative bodies and calculating severance payments. We also evaluate tribunal litigation risks and assist in case of litigation.

Transfer of an undertaking: Due diligence review in view of the purchase or sale of an undertaking, assistance and follow-up of post-acquisition measures operations.


We have been referring to GALION for several years, on all issues related to labour law. The reason for that is because they are precise to the dot, efficient, reactive and internationally minded. Everything our own clients like and appreciate.

Christian Roth

Partner Attorney, ROTH Partners

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